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Letters From Santa for Adults - create highly personalised letters for adults from Father Christmas or Santa

What our customers have said...


The comments below are copied and pasted directly from e-mails sent by our customers in relation to our main website ( (we've just removed children's names). If you would like to give any feedback, please click here.


"hiya so sorry to the person sent out in the cold [from the e-mail we send when we post the letters], but if you had seen the look on our sons face this morning when he opened the letter and realised who it was from you would have known it was worth it. thank you so much [name supplied] loved it.will be back next year and will tell all our friends xxxx thank you againxx"


"Hi i would like to thankyou for your quick service and postage of letters .I will recomend you to anyone . As last year my granchildren did not get there letters till xmas eve so i wont be useing them again .Good work exellent service look forward to dealing with you next year"

"[name supplied]s letter from Santa arrived yesterday. She was so excited when she saw it,she has even taken it to school today to show her classmates!"


"Many thanks for the letter. [name supplied] was delighted reading her letter, she couldn't believe how much father Christmas knew so much about her! She was pleased he had mentioned her pet, and where the Christmas tree was."


"hi i just want to say a big thank you to you for the letter i ordered, i spend a few hours with my niece a few weeks ago writing her letter to santa, i looked on the net for hours to make her a nice special reply when i came across this site. i have just had a phone call from my niece to say santa had sent her a letter with dust to leave for the rhaindears she was so excited and happy its very touching, as im an auntie i was nearly in tears with her excitment, you have made a little girls christmas extra special, once again thank you very very much, as im pregnant myself il see you next year an then on after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "


"We have just completed our letter from Santa for our son and wanted to let you know we think the website is excellent... myself and my husband have really enjoyed creating the letter knowing the excitement it will create for us and him.
I almost believe in Santa and think this is great to create and keep the magic, our son is only three and we will be using this website for many years if possible"

"Dear Blodwit and other Elves, 

Thank you for the reminder E-mail, good idea !

Last years letters were a complete success, caused Ooooh's & Aaaaahs from the elderly and very young recipients, and much puzzlement from the young adults who thought that they were hilarious, one of whom still hasn't worked out how Santa remembered him, haha.

Will be ordering again shortly for this year, I was really pleased."


"The letter was fantastic and created joy and wonderment. On Christmas eve my 5 year old Grandson , [name supplied] and I sprinkled the reindeer dust in the garden and I think it will be a memory he will always treasure, I know I will."


"Hi I just wanted to thank you for the letters sent to [name supplied] and [name supplied] this week. They were over the moon and so excited that they had received a letter from the North Pole! You have made 2 children and their Granny very happy people! I will certainly recommend you to other friends and colleagues."


"My 7 year old daughter received her letter from Santa today. She had started to hear rumours at school about Santa's existence but because of the quality of the letter and the personal details it contained, she was jumping for joy. It helped keep a bit of Christmas magic alive and made 2 grown-ups all misty eyed. Thanks again, I could not recommend you enough, but will try."


"I just wanted to congratulate you on your super selection of letters. My two young grandsons (one's first Christmas) are spending Christmas Eve with us, for the first time, and I was delighted to be able to personalise their letters to reflect this. I'm sure it will add to the magic of Christmas for them to know that Santa knows they will not be at home and they will not be forgotten."


"[name supplied] got her letter today, on arrival home after her school Christmas play so all in all what a special day. She was very excited and we have put the reindeer dust in a special place to sprinkle on christmas eve. I would definitely use your company again and recommend you."


"Brilliant site. I found this by accident whilst looking for the one I used last year. You are in my 'Favourites' file and I will definitely be using you for as long as [name supplied] believes in Father Christmas!
Thank you, From a very satisfied Gran'ma "


"I would just like to say how delighted my daughters and I were with Santa's letters.. The fact that they were both different made them so personal especially with the mention of their pets. I also found the stamps and postmark made the letter more authentic!! I wouldn't hesitate to ask Santa for letters again next year or to recommend him to my friends."


"Thankyou very much for getting back to me so quickly. I think you run a fantastic service and will recomend you to anyone. Have a great christmas yourself x"


... and from previous years...


"Can I just say, I wish you could have just heard the phone call I have had at work from the most excited girls who are off school sick at the moment. They have just got their letters from Santa and I just wish I had been there to see their faces. So this is a huge thank you from a busy working mum, and the best £3.odd I have ever spent. Thank you all."


"Many thanks for making two wee girls very happy. Can't wait to see their faces when shaking the reindeer dust on Chrstmas Eve (another great idea!!!!!)"


"Thank you very much for this email and for the fantastic letter to [name supplied].  His face lit up when he read it and he couldn't quite believe that Santa knew all about our family.  Your letter has helped keep the magic of Christmas alive in [name supplied]'s mind and that is a wonderful thing."


"Just a quick note to say that my children received their letters yesterday and they were fabulous and very authentic so thank you very much and I will be recommending you to my friends"


"Hi the team, just wanted to drop you a line to say well done for creating such a user friendly web sight. It was great and the finished letter looked fantastic on the screen so can't wait to see it when it comes through"


"I just wanted to say that I am so excited to have found your website. I have used other companies over the last 3 years and was struggling to find a site that would give me 3 different and personal letters for my 3 daughters. Yours is brilliant! Once the girls have written their letters, I will be ordering 3 from you. Thank you for really thinking about what the customer wants! There is no need to reply to this letter - I just felt compelled to write"


"hi i thought the sight was brilliant very easy to use i have told lots of people about it hope you get lots of requests "


"Excellent service, just what a grandma needs. I love the paragraphs you have offered and was able to find perfect ones for my gran daughter who is 3. Just one comment however. [name supplied] has a sister and although she is mentioned it would have been nice to have her actual name mentiuoned too. Perhaps in the question about brothers and sisters there could be a space for their names. Otherwise great site. Much better than your competitors. I feel quite excited already"




"I can’t wait for [name supplied] to receive his letter, if he is as excited as his Mum it will be fantastic"


"I just wanted to tell you that we received the letter and you really have made are children's christmas, there little faces when they received them was priceless!  They were absolutely brilliant they are guarding the raindeer dust with there life!
Thanks again and I will most definately reccomend you to a friend and hopefully use you again next year."


"This is the first time I have used this site, I am totally delighted with the letter"