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Letters From Santa for Adults - create highly personalised letters for adults from Father Christmas or Santa

Posting Dates for your personalised Adult Letter from Santa

Orders for Letters From Santa placed today will be sent out on 1st December 2021


Your personalised Adult Letter from Santa will be sent by standard Royal Mail post in a specially designed envelope.


The final order date to ensure that your Adult Letter from Santa is received pre-Christmas in the UK is midnight on 18th December 2021. For international orders the dates are as below, or please refer to Royal Mail's last posting dates.


South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia, Japan, New Zealand and Australia

4th December


Canada, Cyprus, France, Greece, Poland, Eastern Europe

9th December



11th December


Western Europe - excluding France, Greece, Poland (see above)

12th December


Static BFPOs

12th December


Orders for Adult Letters from Santa placed before 1st December will be sent on or shortly after 1st December 2021. Orders placed between the 2nd and the 18th December will be posted within 48 hours.


Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility if your letter from Santa does not arrive in time for Christmas should there be any delays with the postal service which are outside our control. We advise you to create your personalised Adult Letter from Santa as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.