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Letters From Santa for Adults - create highly personalised letters for adults from Father Christmas or Santa

About Adult Letters from Santa


Just in case you're interested ... !


Why did we create this 'Adult Letters from Santa' Website?

This website is derived from which has been in existence since 2008.


What we offer that the others don't!

We provide you with the opportunity to personalise your Adult Letter from Santa so that it is totally unique for each adult you wish to send a letter to - and next year it can be different again! However, you don't have to provide answers to all of the questions - it's completely up to you. The more answers you give, the more options you will be given when creating your Adult Letter from Santa.


Options available for your personalised Adult Letter from Santa

As well as asking you for the name, age, sex and main present for the person to whom the letter is to be sent, we give you the opportunity to give us the following information:

  • Whether the letter is from Santa, Father Christmas or St Nicholas
  • Where the person will be sleeping on Christmas eve so that Santa can say that he'll deliver the presents there
  • Colour of the front door
  • Any distinguishing feature of the house - well, only Santa would know that wouldn't he!
  • Whether the house has an open fire and chimney - Santa doesn't want want to burn his bits now, does he...?
  • Where the presents are to be put and in which room
  • The food/drink that is left out for Santa - and for Rudolph as well, of course.

When you are creating your personalised letter from Santa, you can choose as many or as few of the options as you would like to - the more you choose, the more personalised your Adult Letter from Santa can be!



In our research to provide you with this unique way of creating a Adult Letter from Santa we visited competitors' websites and ordered letters from them - some were better than others!


Our aim is to provide that 'wow' factor - firstly when the child receives the envelope containing the letter from Santa through the door - it looks like it really does come from the North Pole (an example is on our home page), and then when they read the contents of the letter - how does Santa know all this information about them??!


The letters are printed on quality headed paper (uniquely designed for us by Santa's elves!)


We hope that you and the recipient are extremely happy with the personalised adult letters that they receive from Santa and would welcome any feedback to help us improve our website and service.


Worldwide Appeal

Since starting In 2008, our first year of running our main website (, we have sent over 56,000 letters from Santa as far afield as Australia, Bermuda, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Malta, Portugal, Singapore, the US, the Ukraine as well as lots other European countries.


How Many Letters From Santa We've Processed This Year

So far during 2021 we have had Adult Letters From Santa ordered


Yule Love This

Yule Love This is a grandfather-and-father partnership which was set up in 2010 to take over the running and fulfilment of Adult Letters From Santa. Yule Love This aims to bring more fantastic products for Christmas (Yuletide) to your attention in the future. Click here for more information on Yule Love This.